Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside Reflection

Because of the powerful messages, acting, and cinematography, I truly enjoyed The Sea Inside. It was a simple movie based around a controversial theme, and it made me think, feel, and strongly react to what was occurring on the screen. Normally, I am against any one committing suicide, mainly because those who do it are not in the "right" state of mind; they are not thinking reasonably or using logic-instead they are caving to the tidal wave of emotions that is flooding their head. However, with Ramon Sampedro's story, i felt differently; he was a man fully in control of his mind, he knew what he wanted, and how he would have to get it. He was depressed and worn down, but this was no ordinary suicide; he was ashamed to be living in his current state, and wanted to be able to leave it behind. In a case like this, I feel that the courts should have given him legal consent to have someone assist in his suicide. They knew that he had been a quadraplegic for 28 years; this wasn't some spur of the moment decision. He had wanted to die for a long time, and had obviously thought it through. This alone should have been enough for him to be allowed to die. I greatly admire his friends who were brave enough to help him, knowing that they were contributing to a friend's death and doing something illegal simultaneously.

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