Sunday, October 28, 2007

Camera Angles from the Sea Inside

Shot and Meaning: high angle Cu on Ramon as he explains his wish to die, giving a feeling of judgment being placed upon him by Julia. This is followed by Statics of everyone in room as his voice carries over, saying "we all die"; the shots allow the director to show how Ramon's words have an effect on each individual, almost paralyzing them with the thought.
Significance: Ramon is being introduced, as well as the theme of the movie; the shots serve to bring you in and introduce you to the gravity of the situation and the grim idea of what is going on.

Shot and Meaning: Progressively closer eye level shots beginning at Medium distance, trading between Ramon and Julia as they each take their turns speaking. Each switch forces audience to focus on the speaker and what they have to say. As the shots get closer and closer, a feeling of intimacy and honesty is created as Ramon and Julia discuss.
Significance:Ramon is finally being open about the accident, and begins to tell Julia about it. The cinematography makes you feel that you, Julia, and Ramon are all becoming closer and closer emotionally as he continues with his story.

Shot and Meaning: CU on CD player then pan right as Nessun Dorma plays, establishing the source of the music-it's in the room, not coming from editing. Medium straight on of him as he backs up, and then runs towards the window, jumping out to fly away. Changes to 1st person view, trucking over the landscape as Pavarotti's voice blares, almost carrying Ramon on the waves of the music.
Significance: Ramon daydreams that he can leave his crippled body and do whatever he wishes, and so he begins by walking, then takes it further to flying to Julia.

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