Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two Questions Assignment

1) The main thing that has me anxious about school at EHS isn't that much more pressing compared with other issues on my mind, but since i have to choose, i would say that it is successfully handling the workload (this includes getting good grades) while still managing to enjoy myself a bit. I like to focus on my work, but at the same time i want to avoid burying myself in it and isolating myself from the things and people i enjoy.

2) A goal that i have for myself in my sophomore year is to make the most of my school year; this includes getting A's (or some form of it) in the majority of my classes, preparing myself for college and the tests that lead up to it, and making new friends while spending time with my current ones. If i can complete this, then that means i'll have enjoyed my year, while successfully navigating it academically.

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