Thursday, September 27, 2007

Outside Reading; section one summary and reaction

Section One summary:
In the first 52 pages, Anthony Bourdain introduces himself and his entry into the underground culinary world; from his early food experiences in France as a child, to his adventures at the mediocre Dreadnaught restaurant. After an embarrassing encounter with the skilled chefs of the rival "Mario-Crew", Bourdain promises himself that he will become a truly excellent chef, and heads to the Culinary Institute of America to gain some proficiency in the field of cooking. Upon returning, he and a member of the Mario-Crew create a highly successful local business that prepares stylish meals for high level clientèle.

Anthony Bourdain tells his story with simple language that is accentuated with elegant cooking terms and insight into a world that most people outside the kitchen don't know. It's interesting how he's shown that the culinary world of his early days was a low class place with colorful people who were rarely educated, and valued flair and skills above class and morals.

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